Bozsik Yvette has been selected to be the new director of Trafó

Yvette Bozsik dance artist has been appointed for director of Trafó. Mayor István Tarlós in his announcement claims that “taking the professional opinion of the committee into the account and by the majority of the votes” he decided for Bozsik and not the other candidate, György Szabó who has been leading the institution for 13 years now. Bozsik won with 3:2 ratio for the votes, in case of Szabó three of five abstained from voting.

This job is not a „wanted dead or alive” issue – plans of Yvette Bozsik with Trafó

"István Tarlós, Lord Mayor decided based on the opinion and the majority of votes of the Technical Commitee that from 1st of July 2012 until 30th of June 2017th Yvette Bozsik is appointed Director of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts" - states of the Mayor’s Office’s announcement published on Monday.
The press department of the Budapest City Council Hall claimed replying [Origo]’s requiry that the votes of the Technical Committee adjudging the proposals were as follows: Yvette Bozsik received three supporting votes and two not supporting ones, while György Szabó received two supportive votes and three voters abstained from voting.
Budapest City Council Hall have called for tender for the post of Trafo’s director in the Autumn of 2011. To persons were submitted their proposal for filling the position of the managing director for Trafó House of Contemporary Arts Nonprofit co. by the deadlineof  1st December:  György Szabó, who has been the managing director from the lauch of the institution for 13 years and Yvette Bozsik, choreographer and dancer.
[Origo] interviewed both of the candidates, György Szabó’s interview can be read here and Yvette Bozsik’s interview here.
The proposal of  of the Yvette Bozsik is available here, and the resigning director’s application can be found here.
The responsibilities of the manager include managing the various arts-related workshops, exhibitions, discussions, organizing lecture series, and coperation with foreign institutions with similar profile, widening the base of the audience, youth development, educational programs.
The sympatizers who wish to keep the current profile of Trafó organized a conference in the middle of December called Trafó – Network’s connected.
Another fans have lunched a blog named Our Trafó, where the oppinions of artists,supporters and cultural figures from different scenes of art can be read.
Yvette Bozsik remained in the back for weeks before the final decision, in the interview which she gave to us she claimed  that she had been attacked and according to her opinion these attacks originate in the annoncement made by Géza Szőcs, Secretary of State for culture in the Parliament claiming he would be happy to see Bozsik and Iván Markó moving in Trafó.
Bozsik stated that she feels offended at the negative communication surrounding her proposal therefore she will create a choreography including comments and various opinions „regardless the fact who would win”.
She also claimed that her decision to submit her proposal for the managing director position of Trafó is based on the press of the dance scene althoug prior to that she stated that she had not want to apply for this job.
 „I do comprehend the fears about Trafó, it is a normal human reaction: every change can be accompanied by fear. I do appreciate the activity and work of György Szabó, it was my company which opened Trafó, I was also involved in this scene. The reason for submitting my proposal is the dance scene which has been waiting for a change required me to do so.” – said Bozsik.
Replying our question she refused to answer whom she means by the supporting dance scene.
The resigning director, György Szabó  told us in December:   „If I had to look for another institution as an employee, I would not find any similar one.  I have been contacted with an aim to make a new Trafó somewhere but I do not think that it has anything to do with reality. Nowadays the concept of „poor theatre”, that theatre can be made out of nothing  should be forgotten.”
György Szabó published his proposal shortly after meeting the comitee appointed by the by the Major of Budapest on, Yvette Bozsik promised to do so after the decison would be made in January.
According to plans Trafó will be overtaken by the Ministry of National Resources. The intention of the Ministry of National Resources taking over the Operett Theatre was advocated by Gábor Bagdy and Miklós Csomós in their plea submitted in Summer, 2011.